Year 6 Chestnut Class Leaving Party – Watford Central Primary School

alt="Chestnut Class Leaving Party"

From time to time we are very happy to support our local community at Watford Race for Life, Watford Color Run or Watford School Events like this. It was a very intense year for us. Photography is a second important job for us. We often work 7 days a week from morning to evening to reconcile everything and meet your expectations. We’ve got alot photos for you in this modern style. I think you’ll forgive us for this long delay. If you want to download these photos from the internet, please send us an email and we will send you a direct link to the place where you will download all the photos in high resolution. Of course everything is free of charge. Please also comment and share below gallery.

Many thanks xxx

The Photo House Team
Przemek, Dominika&Natalia


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    1. Amazing photography. Photos are stunning and the beautiful memories are captured. I looked at this photos so many times and it’s amazing to see each child face cuptured in the least moment expected. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you.

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