Large Format Wood Printing

What is Birch Plywood?

Birch plywood is a hardwood with an excellent strength to weight ratio. Performs well in applications requiring strength and rigidity. Light colour and smooth surface – ideal for decorative use.
We use 9mm, B Grade, the highest quality birch plywood, slight discolouration permitted, no external defects.

How we print our Large Format Wood Prints?

As a trend, the natural look is really on the rise when it comes to wood photo printing. 
The Photo House has its recipe to give your prints high print quality while maintaining the right colors. We have improved the appropriate processing of images saved in RAW format. Thanks to this, in the post-production process we are able to bring out in print what you normally can’t see. In the printing process we use only photos saved in lossless format.

Did you have a photo session with us? We offer 10% discount for our existing clients for all wood prints and photo books!

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